Winx Power Show

The Winx Power Show was a live musical which toured in the years of 2005 to 2007 through Italy. The show had its own website with the url Besides that Rainbow released a sticker album, a DVD and the soundtrack on CD. In the following I posted pictures of the mentioned merch which I own in my collection.

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Winx Power Show – Sticker Album by Preziosi Collection/Giochi Preziosi (2007)

I was lucky to find this sticker album during 2020 on German ebay. The seller told me that he/she bought it from someone who was collecting it. So that’s the reason why it’s in perfectcondition and contains all stickers available.

Winx Power Show – DVD by M,A&S (2006) / DVD by Tridimensional (2007)
I vaguely remember what year I bought the first release of the DVD but it must have been aroung 2008. A few years later I came across the second relase in 2013. Eventhough the second DVD was already published since 2007.

Winx Power Show – Original Soundtrack (2006)
I remember so well how difficult it was to get any information about ths tour and especially difficult it was to get the CD and DVD. In those days ebay wasn’t as famous as its now but luckily I checked almost regularly the site and found a brand new CD – also around 2008.